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Free McDonalds Gift Card Arch. An old, expired offer


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Arch card is prepaid?McDonald’s gift card. I personally have not been to McDonald’s since 2000 (no more junk food for me), but for a long time the only method of payment accepted in McDonald’s was cash. This prepaid McDonald’s card changes the equation. Because honestly I was thinking it is a very bad business decision by limiting their reach to those who happen to have cash in their pockets. This eliminates a large sector of potential customers and opens the doors for beggars and bums.

Now I am not anti unfortunate beggars or homeless people, I am?the contrary to that. But as a business owner you’d be feeling insecure in their presence because they’d push away some customers and could attract robbers and other threats (which also pushes away more customers). Again I am not in any way against their rights as humans to be served at any place they go, but giving them the preference in a business that wants to attract all other sectors in the community sounds stupid to me.

Anyway … the?free McDonald’s Arch?card offer in the ad above at the top of the page is one of the offers that I marketed on this site in the past, and that’s because they paid me commission every time someone responds to the offer and submits their email address.

With that out of the way, I think it’s fair to tell you what to expect when you submit your email.

First of all this offer is not presented by McDonald’s. Not even close. Such?free gift cards?offers are always presented by a market research or/and a marketing company. This process is called lead generation. And by this we, marketers, mean: identifying individuals or entities with purchase capabilities as target customers interested in a certain line of products/services.

In simple language, when you respond to McDonald’s you identify yourself as person who “buys” fast food products. You might as well be interested in other kinds of fast food and would respond better to such marketing messages than someone who is not allowed to consume any more junk food like myself.

You also identify yourself as someone who belongs to a certain demographic group. In the current example a typical McDonald’s customer is more likely to be in the 18-34 age range than any other age group. A typical age group might also be interested in acne treatment for example.

So by respond to this offer be ready to be marketed to. The company will not give away $50 McDonald gift card without getting their money back a way or another.

Since you are here and reading this page about McDonald’s?gift card, you might as well be interested in this free offer?…..