Watch Free Movies Online? Think Again!

I found a lot of people are searching for “watch free movies online” and reaching my website for some reason. The irony is that most of those visitors come from the United States, where they can watch movies online 24/7 for a small monthly subscription of $4.99 (can be cancelled any time, a year commitment is $47.99/year) from Feeln.

It is nice of course to watch all the movies you want for free online. And there are websites specialized in that. But think about it for a minute.

Those websites that offer free movies to watch and download are illegal sites, and using them is also illegal. There are examples of users nailed for using such sites for downloading entertainment material illegally.

A woman was fined $4 Millions for downloading 24 songs!?You don’t want to be in that situation. I know it doesn’t sound right, but it happened.

The other way you could find yourself in the middle of what you wish turns out to be a nightmare is when one of those sites that offer you to watch movies online for free collects your sensitive information and you find yourself in deep debt due to transactions you’ve never heard of.

Yes they can collect your financial information and use it “on your behalf” to treat themselves to all kinds of things.

Even worse, when those sites run a script that arrests your computer and make you believe?that the local law enforcements have arrested your computer and are on their way to arrest you, and that your only way out is to pay the fee online! Only then you can resume controlling your computer just to discover that it was all a scam!

I know you are trying to save money, but after the number mentioned above is it worth it?

Trust me it is not worth it.

There are legal alternatives and they are dirt cheap. $4.99/month is not much. That’s two slices of pizza! And there is an annual subscription option of $3.99/month! So why risk being prosecuted for illegally watching movies?

That’s for US residents. For Canadian visitors there is Netflix for $7.99/month with no long term commitment. Not much compared to the horror of going through a trial for downloading or watching movies online for free illegally.

I hope this post helps someone steer back to the right path before it’s too late. I’ll do my best get this page on top of the search results for the “watch free movies online” search query.

Finally I’d like to state that Feeln pays me commission every time someone signs up through a link on my website. If you do you will be helping this website stay online, and helping me provide for my family.